Lore: "Greedy Goblin"

The story of Greedy Goblins begins in the Northern Regions of the land of Lasszan, where a mountain range spans from the port town of Darkwell to the Hemlock Woods in the east. 

In the middle of the Highlands lies a spire-shaped peak called the Dire Mountain. 

In this fearful place, there was a mine. A dark and deep mine where a legendary group of Goblins works tirelessly to extract the brightest gemstones and metals. 

And in which the best craftsman in this land created the purest and dazzling dice. 

This mine is divided into shafts, each holding its own gemstone or metal veins, under the supervision of the lead goblin Grucs. 

Each shaft is managed by its own mine boss, specializing in their respective fields. 

Once the mine carts are filled, the treasures are brought to the surface, where the Goblin craftsmen forge and refine these materials into fine art. 

These fine works of art are revered throughout the land. Traders travel far and wide to acquire these pieces. 

Ever since the early age, the goblins would trade with all. Although the Goblins value gems, there is one they value more - Gold. And lots of .it 

Recently, traders from Darkwell discovered a new world on the open sea, a world that was unaware of the value of these prized jewels.

A world that was unaware of the value of these prized jewels.

So, they decided to set up a new outpost and named it after the nickname they gave to the original owners of these fine pieces: Greedy Goblin. 

We would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Greedy Goblins and invite you to explore all that it has to offer.

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