King Grimlon the Greedy Goblin wearing his crown and ruby red cape while sitting on a treasure chest full of gold, holding a large golden D20 die.

King Grimlom "The Greedy Goblin"

Welcomes You to His Treasure Trove of TTRPG Loot!

Whether you're a seasoned dungeon master or a curious newcomer, King Grimlon has everything you need to fuel your next epic adventure!

Browse King Grimlom's bountiful collection of:
Dice Sets:
Roll for glory with a wide selection of dazzling dice sets, including metal options.
TTRPG Books:
Discover new adventures, character guides, and rulebooks to bring your imagination to life.
Unfold sprawling landscapes and treacherous dungeons to set the stage for unforgettable campaigns.
And more!
King Grimlom is a notorious hoarder, but fear not, adventurers! His greed translates to your gain. He's constantly adding new treasures to his collection, so be sure to check back each week for exciting new releases.


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