Lore: Chapter 1

Here is the account of Nese Anore. Head of the Grand Library in Farfall. And present :


The Lore of Lasszan and the ‘’the Greedy Goblin Clan’’

  1. The History of Farfell and its people

At the start of the world’s Second Age, much knowledge of what happened at the first age was lost. Knowledge regarding origin, tribes, cities, and the eventual fate that led to the end of the first age. Some scribblings amongst the ruins were found, and some cave drawings were uncovered. But its people were spread throughout the world. And the long lines of communication were hard. Only a little traveling was done in the first few hundreds of years. As people try to regroup and retake the land they once inhabited. And rebuild the cities that were lost. 

As I write about this history, we start in the year 728 of the second age. As the world of men, elves, dwarfs, goblins, and many other creatures have settled in. Lines have been drawn, and borders have been settled. And all was calm in the world. From the prominent ports in the north through the large oasis in the south and the monumental extensive woods in the center of the world. This place houses The city of Farfell and has been the focal point of the last 300 years. 

The city inhabits thousands of humans, elves, and dwarfs alike. Its mighty stone walls and large towers loom over the endless forests that engulf this majestic city. The Infinery (the large gate in the north) has been one of the most beautiful structures ever built, only surpassed by the Keep that houses the King.

King Elarion the Augur had been the keeper and ruler of this fair city for over 90 years. Descendant from the old elven King Thalanil and his human Queen mother Lyra. The King resides in his fortress in the south of the city. Overlooking the large forest of Gardare, named after the city’s first ruler of the inhabitants.

Daughter to the King, Princess Galdelia the Augur, has been a popular member of the Royal Family. Always in tune with nature, the Princess had opened up a Botanical garden at the entry point of the Keep, where giant boulders and a small lake made a great place to place the large garden. It is filled with flowers, trees, and even small critters gathered worldwide. The garden is open to the public, and people spend their off days and hard-earned free time in these beautiful surroundings. Lately, some people have been speculating what made this garden such a success with the order by the King to start building the gardens in the year 682. The garden was fully grown in a growing boom of just under 3 years. Many people celebrate the Princess in her harmonious conveyance with nature. Some believed something else was at hand. Magic or some dark arts were used to fully grow this garden in such a short time. 

The city was officially founded in the year 110 in the second age, although the first settlers could be found here as early as the year 24. These lonely survivors were among a few who had made it through the transformation we now call the birth of the second age. Their first accounts are still preserved in the grand library of the city. These are the only clues left to what happened at the end of the first age.

In the year 204, the city became an official beacon in the center of the world. People flocked to the city for refuge, a better life, or riches. Many additions were made to the city. The grand library was set up in 206, and the northern wing of the city, which now looks ever more star-shaped, became a reality as more housing was needed. The largest undertaking ever taken was done by the Father of King Elarion. 

King Thalanil the Augur became very afraid of a large influx of people from the east in the year 325; these people, mainly made up of humans, gnomes, and even some elves, were pushed out of their homes by darker forces. People rambled on about large creatures with dark eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. This prompted King Thalanil to order the Grand redesign of the city. Due to a great appreciation of the new arrivals, but many of the people who lived in the city for many years and the trading union, this meant steeper taxes for the following years. Afraid of these new stories and still so much in the dark about his history, he erected new keywalls, towers, and a great marble gate in the north. The Keep also got a new redesign, and large catapults were mounted on the 4 grand towers of the castle. Finally, these modifications took over 100 years to complete. Celebrations started in 426 with the completion of the city. There was now enough housing for all who came to the city and a mighty defense against any who would oppose it. 

As far back as 260, the marketplace was a staple in the city’s center. Eventually, after the great redesign of 325, the marketplace was moved to another side of the city. More space was needed for housing, and in the old market square, a statue was erected of King Thalanil. The official opening of the Grand Bazaar was in the year 420, where it resides until this day.

In the Grand Bazaar of the City of Farfell, people and traders from the entire realm would present their produce, oddities, and riches. Collected from around the world. The hustle and bustle of the Bazaar can be heard from miles away. Every day, hundreds of people gather here to wheel and deal. It was here where, 23 years ago, carvings were found in one of the Bazaar stands. An unnamed traveler had traded these carvings for simple household items. Little did he know these carvings contained many secrets about our combined history and the fall of the first age. 

Since around 600, small trinkets and jewelry could be found in the Bazaar. The traders’ guild kept these beautiful creations’ origins a close secret. But speculation began to arise that these were from the far north. These speculations were quickly swept away. “That couldn’t be true.” No one lives in the cold north. The large mountain ranges would prevent anyone from building a city or town.

Furthermore, there were kobolds and ogres in those areas. And these creatures were not friendly to anyone. Hence, the secret of these prized creations was kept secret. And none were the wiser. 

The largest building in the Bazaar was that of the Trading Union. This cooperation of humans, dwarves, and elves traveled across the realm to collect all the things that were daily traded on the Bazaar. Altho, this wasn’t the only venture of the Union. They also have a large presence in the port town of Darkwell. The building on the Bazaar was pompous and majestically built by the finest masons that the dwarves could provide. It was decorated by the Elves, who wanted nothing but to decorate the entire building with green leaf engravings about their lost city of Lehothas.

As peaceful as the city was, where there is Light. There is Darkness. A whisper, a shadow, or strange marks on some of the walls. These were signs something was rotten in the city. While only a few would acknowledge that something was happening in the city. Some felt the presence of something sinister. Especially on the northern end of the Keep, above the gardens in the housing districts of the elves. This burrow called Issdell had frequent encounters of spiritual sightings and people disappearing. Quickly were these sightings brushed off since the Elves were always more in touch with the afterlife than other mortals.

Furthermore, there was a more pressing issue. Although the King ruled with absolute power. His guiding council consisted of 8 representatives. This council advised the King in all matters about the city. The so-called “ambassadeurs” always consisted of the same number of representatives to their race. 

These pertained to two Humans, two Elves, two Dwarves, one Gnome, and a wizard. Each position is surpassed by its offspring. And thu, a dynasty, originated from this council. For over 500 years, sons and daughters surpassed fathers and mothers in taking their place in the council, except for one. One position wasn’t given to its offspring. 

Since wizards were creatures born with the ability to harness the power of the elements. They couldn’t give their seat to their sons or daughters. At the end of the life of a wizard, another needed to be found. And their problem lay around the turning of the century (700). Wizard Epirax the Wise was 327 years old. His life was vanishing from his soul. And the separation had begun. Starved of his signature Blue magic powers. Which meant another wizard had to be found. King Elarion started a search party. Far and wide, they searched for any who had these special abilities. Many tricksters reported to the city, reportedly having magic powers. All were disproven, and soon the King became hopeless. After 4 years of searching, no one was found. Now, the Trading Union followed suit. They were also charged with finding a replacement for the aching wizard. 

Finally, six years after the King gave the order. A man was found. In the far south of the land. Behind the Black Tip Mountains, Pristine Wilds, and the Blue Ravine. Three merchants from the Trading Union had found a man who claimed he had special powers. He was found in a small village where the merchants were just passing but saw a red light above the village. As they entered the village, they encountered a strange individual. After convincing him to follow them to the city, a hazardous journey entailed. While between the three traders, doubts arose about the man now traveling with them. He was soon put to the test while the companions tried to cross the Blue Ravine. 

While crossing, they were attacked by a fierce creature from the abyss. Since the Ravine was so deep. None had dared to venture into the chasm. The creature seemed unnatural, with its large body, wings, horns, and dark black eyes, yet some red radiated from its core. The merchant screamed in horror and tried to flee along the Pedrogan bridge crossing the Ravine. One of the merchants was grabbed by the creature and flung across the bridge only to find his doom flying into the Ravine. But the man was standing in the center of the bridge. The remaining merchants shouted, “Get over here!”. The man did nothing, so the creature focused on the strange individual. Flung its wings around and started running towards the man…

With only a few feet to spare and the creature at full speed, a black glow enveloped the man. A black glow on the outer edges, red lining. With all his might, the creature tried to smash the man into the ground. But its paw was halted by this mysterious “cloud.” It felt like electricity to this creature. It let out a large holler. As it was screaming itself. The man bowed as if picking something up from the ground. His fist became glowing with red energy, crackling at his fist. With one fell swoop, he hit the creature in his chest. And it flew off the bridge… into darkness... The glow resided from the man. And calmly walked towards the merchants in cover on the end of the bridge. These merchants knew. They had found their wizard. 

As they reached the city and told their story to the King, the man was led to the now-dying Wizard Epirax the Wise. The man touched the wizard, who blew his last breath, looking towards the King. 

The King hailed the man the next day in its guiding council. From henceforth, you will be known as Ikron the Brave. The whole council cheered. The two merchants who had found the man were present that day. One cheered as the other stayed silent. Done cheering, the merchant asked: “Why aren’t you more cheerful on this joyous occasion?” The other answered: “When have you ever seen black magic defeat black magic?”.

For more than 25 years now, Ikron the Brave has resided in the council of the King. And for now, his council is complete. The city prospered for the days to come.

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