Welcome to the Lore of ''the Greedy Goblins''

Origins :

In the Northern Regions of the land of Lasszan , there was a mountain range that stretched from the port town of Darkwell to the large forests of Hemlock Woods in the east. And in the middle of the Highlands there was a large spire shaped peak called the Dire Mountain.

In this fearful place there was a mine. A dark and deep mine , in which a legendary group of Goblins worked day and night to bring the brightest gemstones and metals to the surface. And in which the best craftsman in this land created the purest and dazzling dice. 

This mine was divided into different shafts , each holding their own gemstone or metal veins. Under the supervision of the lead goblin Grucs. Each of the shafts would be directed by its own mine-boss and each specializing in its respective fields. 

After the mine cards filled with these treasures would return to the surface level of the mine. The Goblin craftsmen would forge and refine these materials into fine art. 

These works of art were revered throughout the land. And traders from far and wide came to acquire these pieces. Ever since the early age , the goblins would trade with all. Since only one thing the Goblins would prefer above gems … Gold .. And lots of it. 

Some days ago the traders from Darkwell ventured out to the open sea and found a new world. A world that did not know about these prized jewels. So they decided to set up a new outpost. And would call it after the nickname they gave to the original owners of these fine pieces : Greedy Goblin. 

We want to welcome you all , and feel invited. To the wonderful world of Greedy Goblins

Lore Dice Chapter 1